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Please tell the webguy about any problems that you encounter.

Angels Camp is a wonderful place to be. Whether you're visiting us or live here you will find many things to do. Other sections of this website show you much of our area and describe many fun activities. This will be a short visual tour. We plan to add to this section regularly. We welcome your photos

Even though the tour is very popular, we have suspended it while we wait for the new photos promised to us from our local merchants.

While you're waiting please go and see A Walking Tour of Angels Camp. This is a wonderful, historic walk through town, sampling the change of seasons. I suspect many of you from rural areas will enjoy the remniscence. Those raised in big cities will eat your hearts out.

I think Donna has really captured "life in a rural area" in words and pictures. She plans to add more pictures to her walking tour soon.

Donna embodies kindness. In addition to writing childrens stories for area children as well as her own, she restores photos. If you live nearby and have some old photos that need work, please send me a note and I'll pass it along to her. Follow her example and spread kindness in everything you do.

If you want to comment on her efforts please do. If you have something that you're proud of, please share it with our vistors.

Her sketch helps to underscore an underlying message that we're conveying. Everyone who lives in a world that includes anxiety, anger, hatred and jealousy deserves to treat themselves to a visit to friendly Angels Camp.

Angels Camp has been designated a Kindness Zone. Anyone who has photos and stories about Angels Camp please submit them here. We also want your stories of kind deeds, whether you are the doer or the receipient, whether it was in Angels Camp or elsewhere.

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