We are very excited about

Planting Seeds of Kindness
in the minds of our children
at Michelson Elementary School
Murphys, California

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see!

Angels Camp

Angels Camp

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Class showing their posters What could be more wonderful than to see the excitement build as the children work on their project. Take a look as we show off our posters.

Michelson Gifted And Talented Education

Class showing their posters

students from Murphys, CA created an extensive school wide kindness celebration.

This is our first year to be a part of the areawide kindness campaign. The children are so excited about it that we plan to build on the program in future years.

Our activities include

  • a coloring contest
  • what kindness means to me essay
  • custom made kindness ribbons
  • posters

A closeup of one of their posters

All of the posters were award winning. It was difficult choosing only 2 of them for display on the website.


A closeup of one of their posters

If you want your class to know this life changing experience please write to angel for more information. The greatest change is the change made in the life of a child.

Angel would like to hear your ideas or comments regarding this site. angel@angelscamp.com

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