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Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see!

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Students and staff of Mark Twain and Copperopolis Elementary Schools are joining thousands of others in an international celebration of kindness, the week of November 6th through 10th. Focusing on the theme of "Spread a Little TLC", students will participate in activities to promote kind acts and an appreciation for individuals who share their own special tender loving care, and exemplify the premise of Kindness Week.

In preparation for the festivities, students will hang yellow bows (made from 1/2 mile of ribbon) throughout the city of Angels Camp on Friday, November 3. They will also hang posters in the windows of businesses as well as a large banner on the porch railing of city hall to promote "Kindness Week". Also that day, Kathy Zancanella will do an aerial fly over for the purpose of taking a photograph of the entire Mark Twain student body, which will be assembled on the school field in the configuration of a heart with "TLC".

Classroom activities throughout the district will focus on the spreading of tender loving care through compliments and statements of encouragement. During this time, students will submit carefully crafted essays about people who have touched their lives through everyday kind acts. The "Hero Essays" will be judged, and the winning writers and their heroes will be honored at a special reception at the school and at a future meeting of the Angels Camp City Council.

For additional information, please contact Bernie Smith or Kathy Casas at Mark Twain School 736-6533

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