Planting Seeds of Kindness
in the mind of a Child

Angels Camp, Copperopolis and Murphys, California

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see!

Angels Camp

Angels Camp

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Seeds of Kindness is our program for the schools. Kindness began in the elementary schools in 1995. Our faculty and staff became very excited when we saw how we could be leaders in spreading kindness in our communities, thereby creating a new kind of leader.

The classes that became energized brought kindness to the rest of the school and the community. The first schools were Mark Twain Elementary School in Angels Camp and Copperopolis Elementary School in Copperopolis.

They share the same curriculum and page on this site. You'll see that they have developed an extensive program. It has grown year after year until now they have a major impact on the school and the community.

Last year Michelson Elementary School in Murphys, California joined in the area wide kindness movement.

The theme this year is Spread a Little TLC the press release is here

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