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    • The Seeds of Kindness Coalition, a member of the National Coalition for Kindness

    Kindness is a national movement for making kindness a way of life and requires an ongoing effort. Locally, Angels Camp has been the center for kindness activities since Feb. 1995. The aim of Seeds of Kindness is to encourage kindness by building an organization to reach out and make a profound, permanent change in our collective attitudes.

    Mark Twain Elementary School joined the Business Community last February by spreading kindness through posters, good deed ribbons and an Angels Camp City resolution. As a result, both the resolution and an aerial photo of the whole student body has been published in a Houghton-Mifflin 5th grade social studies book! Our city and its Kindness was discovered by the national publisher because of our web site at www.angelscamp.com

    We are not alone. This movement is sweeping the world.

    Kansas City has built its kindness program into a large city-wide event. The 'STOP Violence Coalition' created a kindness curriculum for schools to help children become more aware of the impact that their negative (teasing, blaming, bullying) and positive (praise, listening, caring) words and actions have on others. 'Mark Twain School District' has begun implementation of this program.

    With your help we are ready to take another step toward spreading the message in our community and throughout the world this year.

    We need every kind of support you can give. We believe we can sow the seeds of kindness and grow a more perfect world.

    Be the change you want to see in your community.

    We need your help. Cost for the programs is expected to be beyond what has been donated. Our goal is to expand and develop this project throughout the entire community. We plan to create and grow a foundation for the Seeds of Kindness and to one day host the National Annual Kindness Coalition Meeting.

    We want to spread the word with word-of-mouth, buttons, bumper stickers, posters and with thousands of reminders of kindness which will grow the idea for kindness as a way of life. Won’t you please help to change our world into something more kind ?

    Want to help? contact Jim Bergantz / Seeds of Kindness 209 736 2544

    Be a road Angel... Let the other person go first!

    Angel would like to hear your ideas or comments regarding this site. angel@angelscamp.com

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