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The following businesses are located in or around Angels Camp. The businesses in bold print are members of our website. Please let us know that this guide is helpful and informative by patronizing our members. Unless otherwise indicated all telephone numbers have a 209 area code.


D & B Custom Flooring Angels Camp 736-8077
Daniel Ayala CPA Angels Camp 736-4631
David A Groat Angels Camp 736-0458
David's Aviation-Superplane Angels Camp 736-2526
Davis Sherri-Bookkeeping Plus Angels Camp 736-0976
Devalle & Sons Dry Wall & Insulation Angels Camp 736-4740
Dog Patch Pet Grooming Angels Camp 736-0355
Douglas W Murray Angels Camp 736-4150


E Allen Test Angels Camp 736-2643
Eagle Environmental Technologies Angels Camp 736-4530
Ebbetts Pass Communications Angels Camp 736-9033
Ed's Barber Shop Angels Camp 736-8026
Edith Evans DC Angels Camp 736-2819
Edwin H Adams Angels Camp 736-0858
Energy Spectrum Angels Camp 736-2838
Eric M Braunstein MD Angels Camp 736-2869


F Ted Laskin Angels Camp 736-0437
Faith Chapel Angels Camp 736-2322
Fairway Construction Angels Camp 736-0237
Far East Restaurant Angels Camp 736-6718
Farmer's Insurance Angels Camp 736-0344
Ferreira's Sewing Machines & Vacuums Angels Camp 736-2298
Filson Construction Angels Camp 785-3199
FireFall Jewelers Angels Camp 736-1550
First Baptist Church Angels Camp 736-2464
Fletcher Construction Co Inc Angels Camp 736-2587
Flowers Unlimited Boutique Angels Camp 736-4014
Food Buys and Beyond, Inc. Angels Camp
Foothill Community Church Angels Camp 736-9338
Foothill Copier Service Angels Camp 293-7557
Foothill Pediatric Medical Center Angels Camp 736-0408
Foothill Village Senior Community Angels Camp 729-2200
Franklin Distributing Angels Camp 736-2425
Frazier Construction Murphys 785-0513
Frito-Lay Angels Camp 736-0366
Frontier Auto Supply Angels Camp 736-4546
Frogtown Driving Range Angels Camp 736-4056
Frogtown Models & Collectibles Angels Camp 736-9365

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Please submit additions, corrections and deletions here. Everyone doing business in Angels Camp is encouraged to be listed in our web site. We are a family oriented community.

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