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I looked through my mother’s lace curtains and saw the thick flakes falling against the streetlight across the street and pondered this latest somehow unknown fact. I thought of all the animals all over the world and doubted they stood up. I thought of the Grizzly bear, the African elephant and the stinky skunk. But then, I thought I wasn’t there to see if they did or not was I? Maybe they did who knows? I tried to recall other Christmas eves but there was none that I could remember that said anything about animals knowing anything. No, this was a new one for all of us and I was sure dad was putting all of us on.

Dad walked away leaving the three of us thinking. Brother Dan was talking a mile a minute about how fantastic it was that all the animals were going to stand up. “They will stand up, they will.” Dan said.

“Oh they will not!” I snapped, “You can’t tell me that all the deer bedded down up there on the mountain are going to get up, or all of the horses and sheep in Hagan’s barn. And how about the Grizzly bear, I doubt if it will get up out of its den it’s hibernating. That’s dumb.”

“Well it’s true. Just because you don’t believe it doesn’t make it not so,” he said thrusting his chin out in defiance, “ ‘besides, dad said so.”

“Yeah and just cause you do doesn’t make it true either, and he’s teasing you again.”

“You call’n dad a liar?”

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