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600 in Angels Camp Stand up for Kindness
“Plant the Seeds of Kindness” message.

Almost 600 students, staff of Mark Twain School and Calaveras Head Start pre-school assemble to send an aerial message ! courtesy of Kathy Zancanella, Carol Swartzlander and Baylor’s Photography. Photos and or negatives are available in either Color or Black and White. Call 209 736 2544.

The entire staff, and student body got together to form a human “PLANT THE SEEDS OF KINDNESS” message. In celebration of kindness week, and to send a message to the world that Angels Camp is a zone of kindness.

Their message, “Plant the Seeds of Kindness”.

Locally, activities during the National Kindness week include the following....

  • “My Kindness Hero” Essay competition and awards luncheon
  • A Kindness Walk through Angels Camp Feb. 6th
  • 2500 kindness ribbons
  • student created posters
  • Week long Kindness ribbon activities in the classroom
  • An aerial photo of Seeds of Kindness LOGO message
  • Kindness is Contagious curriculum program for the entire Mark Twain School District
  • Maintenance and development of the kindness web site @

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