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“Wonderful!” he shouted, I picked them up and he ever so carefully took them in his paws. Then suddenly in a flash the toolbox was big again. His hammer blurred in his paw and before I could blink a long table appeared and on it popped up eggs by the billions. I don’t know how he got so many eggs on that table or where they came from. They were stacked clear out of sight. He pulled some kind of dust out of a bag from the toolbox and threw it at the huge pile and the most fantastic color began to cover those eggs from bottom to top.

Every imaginable design and color flashed upon all of the eggs at once and names of children appeared. Then just as suddenly they all shrunk. The eggs looked like tiny bits of dust in one tiny basket about the size of my thimble.

Angels Camp

Next he brewed our tea and I must say it was the best I’d ever tasted. We sat there, him in the chair he’d made and me here in this old white one and talked about other Easters and oh, just lots of things. I asked him about why the rabbit at Easter, and why eggs. He said even I wasn’t old enough for answers to that one. Oh yes, we each had an egg with our names on it. On mine it said, To Grannie Annie from EB and on his it read as follows in lovely script, Easterus Bunnyus Rabbitus Giganticus esq.

Angels Camp

When we had finished our tea he said, “please, I would like to give you a gift of this tea set and the toolbox for your kindness. I get a new set each year. With your permission I’ll drop by now and then during coming Easters to say hello. Now, I must be gone, tomorrow morning is Easter you know, lots to do.”

I thanked him and patted his soft furry shoulder. Then in a wink and a twitch of those mighty whiskers he was gone and that’s the end.

She looked at the faces of her grandchildren. They gave each other puzzled glances and then Ian said, “ahhhh Gram, I love you and that was a good story, a real great one, it was definitely the greatest Easter story you’ve ever told.” He began to chuckle and giggle. “What was it he said again… rabbitus giganticus?”

Sarah kissed her grandmother on her soft cheek and said, “Thanks Gran we’ll walk with you to the house if you like. I loved your story too.”

“Hang on you two” she said, “I’ve got something for you,” and she reached into her deep apron pocket. In the palm of her hand were two of the very smallest teacups and saucers and teapot you’ve ever seen and a very tiny wooden toolbox filled with the very tiniest tools. She held them out to show the children and they took them in their hands carefully.

Sarah said, “Oh Gram, how about that? This is wonderful, thanks, it was a terrific story, and we loved it.”

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