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‘Oh sure, as often as you’d like. We’ll have tea when I’m finished with my tasks if you’ll join me that is. Its daytime now and somebody might see me.’ He pulled the leaves and bunches of purple blossoms closer. ‘We have to wait till it’s dark.’

“I said, “Well I’ll be darned, Of course I will. Now please, tell me about this magic tea business, and what about the eggs and all.”

‘The table and chair are built out of an ancient hardwood that doesn’t exist anymore and then I sit at the table and sip the tea and become ever so small.’ He held up his paws and sort of spread his front toes to show how small he’d be. About 1/16th of an inch it looked like to me. ‘Then,’ he added, ‘ I will have the power to suddenly, at a whim, shrink or enlarge in one millionth of one of your seconds. Time doesn’t mean anything to me either.’

“Why be that tiny?” I asked.

‘I can move like lightening when I’m that size. How do you think I get from one place to another so quick with the basket that never runs out of eggs? Santa has that finger on the side of his nose thing. Zap, he’s really small and so is that never empty pack of his. Well, it’s the same thing only with me it’s the tea. I’m basically English anyway you see, I chose tea, and Santa likes cookies and milk.

I had it all set up when Bruno surprised me. The magic tea spilled all over everything, shrinking them all so small I couldn’t find them in the dark and left me still big like this. Bruno put me in the bush and now I can’t find the toolbox or the tea set. I didn’t dare come out until you arrived. The clothes and all you know.’ He had such a pleading look on his furry face I said, “If we find the toolbox and tea set all will be ok then? Wasn’t all of your tea lost though?”

‘Not at all, he said. I can still make more tea, it’s in the tool box and I can construct the traditional table out of one tiny scrap of the ancient wood, do the billion or so eggs and be off in nothing flat, so I’ll wait right here until it’s dark, ok?’

I agreed and went to the house and waited. It was a long wait for night but soon it came and I slipped out into the garden once more with my flashlight and came up to the lilac bush and peered within. It wasn’t hard making him out sitting there amongst the limbs and leaves. He slipped out of the bush and stood upright before me and stretched. He towered above me and winked one of those great eyes and smiled. His ears stood straight up and stretched another 4 inches higher. He was huge.

We dropped down on our hands and knees and searched through the grass for a long, long while when suddenly I saw a slight glittering deep in the grass. I spread it aside and there was the tea set, and beside it sat the tiny toolbox with all his tiny tools still in it. “I found them.” I said proudly.

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