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‘You were too young before to know, he said and besides it wasn’t your turn to know and nobody knows everything about me.’

“Young? I answered, Lord; I’m in my late sixties for cry’n out loud. Too young, explain that one please.”

‘Certainly, children simply believe, it’s pure faith in what they have been taught to believe and that’s good but it takes years of this faith and tradition to really believe again and know clear into your heart. So, until you reach that certain age, and it’s different for each one you see, you can’t quite grasp the believe part of it at all and I can’t appear to you if I wanted to.’

“So I’m old enough now? I said.”

‘Yes, and you love tradition. You know, Santa and all that? You saw him when you were young. He’s like that. Older folks can’t see him when they are your age, just kids do. I’m just the opposite, do you understand?’

“I don’t know, I said with a long sigh, and yes, you certainly are opposite.”

‘So, here I am. You get to see me.’ He twitched his nose and blinked those huge pink eyes, his whiskers flicked straight up and he then smiled broadly. “But I wouldn’t have if Bruno hadn’t scared you into that bush. Say, so how come Bruno could see you, he’s a dog.”

‘Animals have a faith that you humans can’t imagine. They see and hear so much more than you’ll ever know. He was doing his job by coming after me; I just surprised him here in the dark. He won’t bark the next time.’

“Next time? I felt weak.”

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