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‘And I suppose there’s no rabbit as big as I am either is there?’ “With that he leaned close and I could see he had the largest pink eyes I’d ever seen and his nose twitched which made those great long whiskers whip back and forth.”

’And yet…here I am.’ he said.

“You’re right about that, there isn’t one as big as you. The one we know is a little guy about a foot tall with a vest and carrying a basket full of colored eggs or maybe wearing a top hat and dancing with a cane. That’s the one we think of as you”.

Angels Camp

‘Well, that’s me, that’s me too, or the idea you have of me anyway. Just as valid but this, dear lady is the real me when nobody’s looking, I’m exactly 8 feet tall. Easterus Bunnyus Giganticus Rabbitus, at your service madam.’ He bowed low and as he did his ears flopped over forward onto the grass.”

“Very funny”, I said, “very funny. This is crazy but go on, go on, you need a table and tools, not eggs and paint.” I couldn’t imagine what was coming next.”

‘Well, it’s tradition that I find a lovely garden and set up my table the night before Easter to make all the Easter Baskets and color the eggs for all of the kids everywhere. I selected yours a couple of years ago because it is indeed a fine garden. I have to make the table each year myself so it’s also as new as Spring. Everything has to be new. I had everything set up, the tea was poured and…’

“Wait” I said, “Out here in the dark you drink tea while you work on a wooden table, making Easter eggs?”

‘Yes, well it’s a special tea. It’s very special and must be done a certain way, sort of like a potion really, tradition you know. I also have regular tea too that I like to drink.’

“How come we don’t know anything about this stuff? I never heard about any of this before.”

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