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The old woman hid the wide grin on her own face until she could continue seriously. “Now you two listen and you’ll learn something.”

“Yes Gram.” they said.

“I was sitting here, in this chair when that huge rabbit came crashing through the lilac bush like I said. He asked if I’d seen his toolbox, I told him no and he was quite upset. He stamped those big feet of his and with both front paws he pulled on his whiskers. He pulled them hard, stretched his lips way out to here. I could see his long teeth when his lips pulled out like that.” She motioned with her hands out to her shoulders. He was upset, no doubt about that.

“That’s some serious whisker pulling” Ian said under his breath and rolled his eyes to his sister.

“He pulled and pulled on his whiskers,” she said. “I asked him where in the world had he come from and was he the Easter Bunny. He looked at me and frowned. ‘Now, just what else would I be in this get up? Oh where is that tool box, are you sure you’ve not seen it lady?’

“Again I said I hadn’t seen it. Besides, I asked him, If you’re the Easter Bunny, where’s your eggs and all the paint, and all the Easter baskets?”

‘That’s the problem,’ he said, grabbing his whiskers again and pulling even harder, this time straight up. ‘I was making the worktable so I could dye the eggs. I have to build a new table each year. That’s why I needed the toolbox. I was just about to do the eggs when I was set upon by your dog Bruno last night. Angels Camp I didn’t know you had a dog that big. I’ve been in that bush all night cause I can’t shrink myself without my magic tea in my special cups. I fell out of the bush when I saw you.’

I said, “What work-table do you have to make, you’re not making sense. There’s no work table in the Easter Bunny stories, and toolboxes and tea sets.”

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