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“He said what?” they both stopped laughing abruptly and sat up straight, then Sarah said, “Where’s my tool box? Why didn’t he say, did you see my basket and about a zillion eggs sweet Grannie?”

“You two be still and listen now,” she said and continued with her story. “He crashed through the lilac bush and then promptly sat back down right in the middle of it and pulled the limbs and leaves around himself. There he sat looking at me, this huge white furry rabbit. With a bright red vest with gold buttons down the front and ears like you would not believe. ‘Where are my tools?’ he said. ‘ I need my tool box and tea set, do you have them?’ He was holding his ears down beneath his chin with both front paws.

Well, of course I didn’t have any tool box and I told him so then and there.”

“Did you happen to notice a large zipper anywhere on his back as he ran past,” Ian was not able to hold in the laughter at all. “I’ll bet there’s a mad hatter somewhere in this story too.”

“Do you want to hear this or not?” she said. “If so please control yourself.”

“I’m sorry Gram.’ Ian said and made himself look serious by frowning as best he could.

“Me too Gram.” Sarah added dropping her eyes to her lap. “Please go on.”

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