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It was then that Gram began the all time best Easter story she ever told in her whole life.

“It was right here in this very garden when I saw him for the very first time.” she whispered as she leaned closer to them. She pointed in the direction of the huge purple lilac bush. “He came right out of that big lilac bush over there in the middle of the day, about noon it was.”

Both kids quickly turned to look where she was pointing. They looked as if the branches of the big bush would suddenly part and his huge furry feet would appear sunken deeply in the grass.

She continued speaking softly, “I was sitting out here that day, much like this one about four years ago. That was the first time I saw him you see. I heard rustling inside that big lilac bush there. Like I said all of a sudden this gigantic white rabbit seemed to burst out of it. It was like he was running and couldn’t stop and ran straight through it and fell out onto this side.

Lilac Bush

Well let me tell you, I was near scared out of my mind. I fell over backwards right out of my chair onto the grass, this very one as a matter of fact. You can imagine how scary it was to have about an eight-foot rabbit come charging through the bush like that so sudden like and dressed like he was. His clothes were such a mess, his waistcoat was all….”

“Wait, wait, whoa!” Ian stood up and raised his hands, “wait just a minute Gram. Is there a pocket watch in this story, on a chain and did this white rabbit run down a hole saying, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date…?”

All three of them laughed at this remark and Ian felt very clever. “Off with their heads!” Sarah shouted to top it off. Ian plopped back down in his chair laughing than ever.

“No smarty pants” she answered, “what he said was this, ‘Where are my tools? I need my toolbox, and my tea set. Have you seen them? ‘

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