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“Don’t you have that backwards?” Ian said laughingly. “Don’t you mean you’re not young enough to see him?” Only little kids believe in the Easter bunny, I used to but not anymore. What’s a dumb rabbit got to do with Easter anyway?”

“No, no, no,” Gram said firmly, “ I meant just what I said, and you two are not old enough. The Easter Bunny thing is weird that way; he’s never seen by children of any age. The one you see is only some guy running around dressed up in a white fuzzy suit, or drawings but it’s never the real one.”

Ian pulled his chair closer to his grandmother until their knees touched. He’d heard about when old people get as old as she probably was, they sometimes said and did really weird things. Talking about really seeing the Easter bunny and having tea with him, well that was even a little much for her. He’d never heard her talk quite like this before. She had always told stories, some were really far out there but they were just that, great far-out made-up stories for fun and to make them laugh. She either couldn’t help herself now because she was so old, or she was up to something; and he wondered which it was.

Sarah eased her chair closer also and patted her grandmother’s soft hand. Gram continued as she glanced from one face to the other, “You don’t believe me do you? I can tell, you think I’m making this all up,” and then she leaned back in her chair so fast it nearly toppled over and she laughed right out loud.

Then she said very seriously “Well I’m not making it up, so listen. I’ve seen him and I see him regularly, maybe once, maybe twice every Easter. In fact I’ll be seeing him again any time now, he’s coming by for tea.” Then she smiled very sweetly as she peered over the top of her glasses.

Both kids studied her now with a new and intense curiosity. They loved her and the stories she told but from the sound of it this possibly would be her all time best one. They had to hear it.

“Gram,” Sarah carefully began, “Please tell us how you met him and what happened? Sounds like a great story.”

Their grandmother had not missed one of their grins, nor any of their giggles; they hadn’t believed a word she’d said and she knew it. Her eyes began to twinkle and she clasped her arms beneath her long white apron, looked into their smiling impish faces and said, “First off, you absolutely, definitely, have to be as old as me to see him, he told me so. Now, what do you think of that?”

Ian said, “Well I’m all ears.” He placed his hands on each side of his head and wagged them back and forth like giant ears then giggled loudly.

“Ian, be quiet and let Gram tell the story, this should be good,”

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