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Gram said she’d like to set there in the sun for a while longer. She folded her hands beneath her apron and admired the lilacs in the afternoon light.

As they walked to the house together Ian said, “How about that, I wonder where she got all these things, she really went to some great length to make it real for us didn’t she?”

“Don’t you recognize these things?” Sarah asked.

“No, should I?” he said.

“They’re from mama’s old dollhouse upstairs. I’ve played with them before many times, Grams forgot that I guess, she’s so old.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that doll house. Well, she meant well.” They walked on up the path toward the house and disappeared inside.

Gran sat there in the chair a bit longer in the warm sun and smiled.

“Whew, I thought you’d given them away for sure,” a familiar voice whispered from the lilac bush.

Angels Camp

“Nope.” She answered, not at all. I used the little set from the dollhouse upstairs, but as you can see they didn’t buy it. They're not little children any longer.”

“Don’t worry, they’ll see me one day, when they are old enough.”

“Is all well with you this year?” She asked.

“Oh yes quite, I’ll be by later tonight to do the eggs, may I expect you for tea?”

“Wouldn’t miss it she said, I wouldn’t miss it.”

And with that she stood up and turned toward the house. As she did she saw a flicker of pink and heard the soft swishing sound of long white whiskers upon lilac blossoms. The old thick lilac bush rustled just a bit and then they were gone in what you might call the wink of a white rabbit’s eye.

And that’s the end of this rabbit’s tale…
_____Donna Bailey

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