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“Don’t tell me you believe in the Easter Bunny.” Ian said faking amazement, “You do! You do,” he teased. “Don’t you think you’re a bit old for that?”

“Oh be quiet you,” she said back to him with a giggle. “ You don't know for sure. How does anyone know for sure there isn’t one? I was just wondering, suppose there was, I have an open mind.”

Ian said, “Well all that stuff, bunnies and eggs is just for little kids anyway and pretty silly if you ask me.”

“It is not,” she answered, “ just because we don’t believe doesn’t mean there isn’t one. A lot of things exist whether or not you believe in them you know.”

“Baloney,” he said.”

“Not at all,” she answered back. “You know, I think now I really will believe in the Easter Bunny. I believe, I believe.” She clasped her hands beneath her chin and closed her eyes as if praying. “I believe, I believe.”

They both looked surprised as Gram suddenly said, “Well now, I can tell you two for a fact there is an Easter Bunny, cause I’ve met him, I’ve talked with him, and I’ve had tea with him right here in this very garden. So, what do you think of that?”

Laughter erupted loudly from both of them at once. “Gram, how can you say that?” Sarah shrieked with glee. “You shouldn’t go around saying things like that. Somebody will hear you and the guys in the white coats will show up and carry you away right down a rabbit hole.”

“ Well it’s true just the same. I guess it’s one of those things whether or not you believe it.” she said as she patted Sarah’s cheek; “You’re just not old enough yet to be able to see him, that’s all.”

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