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The Tallest Easter Tale
Gram Ever Told
by Donna Bailey

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Grandmother Annie sat quietly in her garden with her grand children Sarah, twelve and her brother Ian, who would be ten in Sept. Grandma Annie was a plump lady of an age when grandmothers become wonderfully soft, have wide laps, and wear big white aprons with pockets that hide mysterious treasures for small children.

Sometimes, there was yo-yo string, or the last piece of bubble-gum, or 2 buttons that were made out of walnut shells and maybe if you were real lucky 3 dimes. She smelled of cookies and good things from the kitchen. She wore little round glasses and gathered up on the top of her head with a bright blue ribbon was a pile of fuzzy white hair.


The sun was out that afternoon strong and warm after a long spring rain. It was a promise of a time to come when life would again suddenly spring up everywhere at once, for it was almost Easter.

Although Sarah and Ian were not small anymore she loved to tell them stories when they came to visit just the same. There were stories of tiny people who lived under the apple trees, and birds that can sing Yankee Doodle Dandy and blue frogs that could fly if you sat quietly and had good patience. They sat in green plastic chairs among last year’s corn stubble and laughed and talked together. They ate chocolate chip cookies she brought for them inside the large pockets of her apron.

Gram as they called her sat in her white garden chair and happily watched them tease and laugh together. Ian was tall for his age, blond and had eyes that sparkled with devilment when he teased his sister. Sarah was lovely with long honey colored hair to her waist and large blue eyes. Devilment danced in her eyes as well as she teased him back.

“I wonder what the Easter Bunny will bring me this year?” she said. “You of course won’t be getting a thing because you have been bad, bad, bad.”

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